Did you know that your Homeowners Insurance policy will severely restrict your coverage if your home is left vacant or unoccupied for more than 30 days, and in most cases will exclude all coverage if the home is vacant for more than 60 days?

Whether your an investor or maybe a homeowner who has bought a new home while your other home is still up for sale, Cochran Insurance Agency can help find the proper coverage for you.

In today’s real estate market, more and more investors are faced with owning vacant or unoccupied homes. It is more important than ever that you make sure that your investments are properly covered from further downside risk. Whether your home is on the market, between tenants, or undergoing a renovation, regular insurers do not like vacant properties…but we know and understand the unique needs of investors who require insurance on their vacant dwellings.

Unfortunately, vacant homes are at much greater risk of vandalism, fire, and water damage losses. For this reason, owners are faced with a double whammy…reduction in coverage, and higher premiums related to Vacant Dwelling insurance.

Cochran Insurance Agency can help provide coverage for the unique needs of real estate investors, whether your home is currently rented or vacant.

We will insure your home, whether it is a single family residence, duplex, under renovation or even up for sale.

Just give us a call for fast no obligation quote.

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